Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Comic Life and Slideshows

You can make slideshows of comic pages in comic life. Before you start turn the page to horizontal. Go to File - Page Format, click on Landscape.

If this Library is not showing then click on the drop down menu and select Built in basic.

Click on the 'One' template and drag and drop on the page.

Drag your Photo in and add your text bubbles, headings and narrative text.
Add more pages with either 'One' template or with a template that has 2 or 3 spaces on it.
Once you have completed all your pages and saved them, then export them as individual jpegs. Go to File - Export - Export to Images.
The individual pages will be exported as separate jpegs.
These can now be imported into Photo Story, MovieMaker, Keynote or PowerPoint. Add music and you have a comic slideshow.

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